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Dress Me Up Doll Kit


  • Image of Dress Me Up Doll Kit
  • Image of Dress Me Up Doll Kit
  • Image of Dress Me Up Doll Kit
  • Image of Dress Me Up Doll Kit
  • Image of Dress Me Up Doll Kit

Give the opportunity to create and build their imaginations with this crafty "Dress me up paper doll Kit". This kit is the perfect rainy day activity, stocking stuffer or even birthday party group activity. All the basics are included for endless doll possibilities. Just add creativity!

Kit includes:

- 4 Paper dolls
- 1 Siempre Viva Dolls postcard
- A large assortment of fabric squares to create beautiful doll outfits
- gems, sequins, a butterfly, flowers, ribbion, buttons (embellishments will vary but will include a combination of the above items making each kit unique)
- 1 glue stick

Image of La Niña Fresa
La Niña Fresa
Image of Sin Ti Headband
On sale
Sin Ti Headband
Image of Snow baby
Snow baby
Image of Virgencita
Image of La Mona
La Mona
Image of Pachuca Chula
Pachuca Chula
Image of Axolotl de Xochimilco
Axolotl de Xochimilco
Image of Lemon Squeezie
Sold out
Lemon Squeezie
Image of Media Naranja Doll
Sold out
Media Naranja Doll
Image of Los Bebes
On sale
Los Bebes
Image of Conejo Malo
Conejo Malo
Image of Queen of Cumbia
Queen of Cumbia
Image of Somos La Voz
Somos La Voz
Image of The Boss Mama
The Boss Mama
Image of El Valiente
El Valiente
Image of Sarape Hoodie Doll
Sarape Hoodie Doll
Image of Latinx Gender Neutral Doll
Latinx Gender Neutral Doll
Image of Si Se Puede Dolls!
Si Se Puede Dolls!
Image of RBG
Image of Muñeca Tradicional
Muñeca Tradicional
Image of Latinx Bebes
Latinx Bebes
Image of Handsome Toothfairy Pillow
Handsome Toothfairy Pillow
Image of Tio Bernie
Sold out
Tio Bernie
Image of Viva La Muxer
Sold out
Viva La Muxer
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